April 23, 2012

Site Move

Just News — Knessa

The Steel Legion website has moved to www.steellegion.com, please update your links. The forums are now located on www.steellegion.com/forums.

March 1, 2012

Fish Feast Contest

Just News — Malatov

Put on your fishing caps and cast your line out, time to give away another Vial of the Sands.   For every stack of fish (20) you will get some points.  On March 22 nd the contest will end at midnight.  Please email or trade Malatov the fish prior to then.  On the following Wednesday we will let people roll there points, highest roll wins.  So even one stack of fish gets you a chance at a mount, although playing the odds is usually better.

Point wise

  1. 1 stack of Fathom Eel or Highland Guppy-20 points
  2. 1 stack of Lavascale Catfish- 30 points (they are harder to get).
  3. Every set of the stacks (a stack of all 3 fish or 60 fish) -30 bonus points

If you get over 500 points, you can add 10% to your total points.   As an extra bonus is we get more than 10 people over 500 points (that is over 3000 fish!), I will toss in a bonus prize for 2nd Place (your choice of a Vial of the Sands, Chopper Mount, or one of the 6 Pets from the Blizzard Store).  So if you got your 500 points help out a friend.  Good Luck on your fishing time!


Fangs of Nellie’s Father!

Just News — Malatov

Grats to our first Fangs of the Father to our very own little Nellie.  As Flay said in raid, Nellie went from being awesome DPS to uber-awesome kick ass DPS or something to that nature.  Although when she spreads her wings, I picture her saying in her little gnome voice “I’m Batman” or “Where Rachel?”


February 2, 2012

The World Destroyer Gets PWNED!

Just News — Malatov

Happy Groundhog Day!!  That damn rodent saw his shadow, so that means another 6 months of raiding Dragon Soul!  Just Kidding, MOP will be out soon (hopefully), big annoucement in another month. Well we have been downing Deathwing for quite some time, but always on 10 man.  Tonight we had a good showing of raiders and had a full 25 person raid.  It has been awhile since we have had enough for a full 25 man (usually we 19-20 man the first 4 bosses).  Started with a little less, but managed to 1-shot the boat with 24 of us.  Then a couple of attempts on the spine and changed the strat a little bit, and down the spine went with 25 of us.  After our mid raid break we came back and flasks were getting low, food buffs were out, but we said we would go one time without all buff to see the fight on 25 man.  Little did I know one time is all we would need.  That 1 shot was pretty fucking epic! 

January 18, 2012

Dragon Soul..not so epic..

Just News — Malatov

So I have been slacking..sorry about that.   First Update Rudy finally got his legendary staff, so it is useful during the current expansion.  Oak is fairly close as well now.  I wish I had some screen shots, but it happened during my test week so I missed it. Oh well.

Second Deathwing is dead on normal.  I think we have about 23 raiders that have seen him die now.  Not to bad for 1 month after release.  The big question is now, what will we be doing in a few months?  I am hoping MOP comes out by summer.  If not we might have to convert one raid night to a Diablo 3 raid night. 

Anyways the main reason for me slacking is that Dragon Soul raid just doesn’t feel as epic as previous tiers.  I mean our first night in took down 4 bosses on 25 man regular.   LFR definately helped people learn the mechanics faster, but still seemed easy.  So no epicness, no screen shots.  I think I will get one of the next 25 man kill of Spine, that would probably be an epic battle.

October 14, 2011

Firelord Put Out

Underneath all the flames and molten lava is just a scared little boy crying for help.  And did Steel Legion help him………… hell no, we  crushed his soul and took his helmets.  Actually this is along over due post.  We have been killing Rag for a few weeks now, but only on 10 mans.  This has been the first Thursday night in a while were we had close to 25 people.  I say close, because for the first 2 hours we actually 24 manned Rag, getting to the last phase a few times. Sorry I didn’t post the 10 man screenshots, just wasn’t happy wih them (bad angles and all).  In other news, we also killed 25 Heoric Shannox the same week.  We will be ready for Deathwing soon. 

August 30, 2011

Major Domo Busted Down to Private.

Boss Kills,Just News — Malatov

Last night we killed Major Staghelm Domo, twice.  We started the eveneing with 2 ten person teams as we were just short of 25 people by about 3 or so, but it ended working out okay.  Next week, I will make sure to get the people who were on standby this week to see the fights.  Grats to the rogues who got there Tier shoulders.  Both groups managed to down him with quite a bit of spare time, and managed to get quite a few tries on Rag, thanks to our 30 minute extension on Monday nights.   Hopefully now that a lot of people have seen the fights we can get Aly and Domo down on 25 man.    Screenshot of Domo was kind of sucky, and I thought the distance shot of Rag was much better.

A Legendary Awaits Us….

Just News — Malatov

Our little gnome buddy is a few steps closer to that Legendary staff.  We took down the extra boss needed for quest and during the fight our little gnome turned into a giant druid tree.   At first I didn’t know whether to run away or whip out my axe and try to chop him down back to regular size.  I mean really if someone you knew had a growth like that….  Also if you look close, Rudy in tree form is not wearing any pants, if you look closely there is something little right below the “B” in “Branch”.

You perverts, it is an “i”.

August 17, 2011

Domo Arigato Mr Roboto..

Just News — Malatov

Ha! Made you think we got Domo down.  Not quite yet, but they did manage to get him to 14% on Monday Night.   As I write this post, we got 4 bosses in 25 man tonight (lots o gear) plus Rudy finished his Embers part of the Legendary quest.  Grats to him, and now Oak is next in line.  Anyway here is a screen shot of Alysrazor and a little poem wrote by Esmiralda.

“There once was a gnome from Nantucket.  He spotted a flaming chicken and decided to pluck it.  With the help of his crew the little gnomes flew and now Aly’s two wings and thighs in a bucket”

Yes My Gatekeeper!!

Boss Kills,Cata — Malatov

If you get that reference, then you are a board game fanactic.  Anyway Jazira and I go away to Utah for a week and you guys on on a boss killing spree.  Maybe we are the weak links……GOODBYE.  Here is a couple of screen shots Rudy sent to me in email.  He also said that he sucks at taking photos, but something is better than nothing.  I had to put myself in one of the screenshots cause I felt left out.    

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